The Kerry Strawberry

Sweet and oh so tempting

delightfully delicious

so satisfying to try

something so familiar

and yet so new

Who knew in my moving to Tralee

I would find such beautiful change

and Strawberries too!



**Inspired by my positive feelings today on my move from Limerick to Tralee in Kerry. Where a few weeks ago whilst canoeing through the lake at the Killarney National Park, I got to try the famous Kerry Strawberry.

This poem is a play of words on the comparison drawn between the sweet and delightful taste of new things such as my moving, as-well as the Strawberries, which were also a new experience for me. (One that I might not have experienced had I not moved, might I add)


Enjoy your day! I also hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!



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I wonder

when you were created

DNA manipulated

copied to form you

a pathogenic

miniscule little thing

that must have learned

a few things along the way

despite the absence of a brain

so aggressive in nature

i wonder

sometimes if you can even help yourself

but there is still blood in her veins

so you stay and bleed her dry

drained of all emotion

making yourself feel better in the process

filled with blood stained pride

but like all parasites

where the feeling isn’t mutual

one day you will be ripped off

from your blood supply

and left to die


as mother nature so rightly intended

and despite all attempts

no one will have even noticed

such a little twerp like you

ever even existed!


25th Birthday

Hello Again!!

I guess I don’t really need to give the above title an explanation. My birthday was June 2 and I turned 25 (half way to 50!) I joke, I don’t really care about my age. You’re as young as you feel, isn’t that what they say?

I do have to admit this years birthday wasn’t the best for me. I felt quite emotional for the day as it is the first birthday I have had without my grandad. Ordinarily I would go up to visit both him and my nana but this year he wasn’t there. My nan herself was upset that day and instead of getting a kiss and a hug and well wishes from him, I was handed his mortuary card. It was beautiful! But I almost burst into tears infront of the entire family when I received mine. It’s not exactly the card you expect to get on your birthday. And while I had written the poem for the card, and expected it, I wasn’t prepared for it.

And I know I shouldn’t be feeling sorry for myself but I couldn’t help thinking I could possibly go through another 40 years of never seeing his face again. It’s hard, but, life does go on. After some time I started to perk up a bit. My partner Stephen was so great with me and made every attempt to lift my spirits. As did my best friend Marylouise who went out with me to enjoy a cocktail and a relaxing game of bingo in Limerick City Centre.

It wasn’t the best birthday, sure I was missing an important person in my life but I also had some really great and important people there with me to support me and put a smile on my face. I truly am blessed to have such fantastic people in my life!

Two Day Trip To Athlone

Hey everyone, so this photo compilation is all about my trip to Athlone recently for a college interview. The interview was at 9 A.M. so my partner and I decided to go up the day before and make a trip out of it. I got to explore the town and the college campus. It truly is a beautiful place (and fingers crossed the interview went well, I felt as though it did).

We had a pet sitter for our dog Bailey for three days while we were in Killarney and had Athlone almost immediately afterwards so this time we decided to bring Bailey with us and book a pet friendly hotel. He is such a good little traveller! And he loved the hotel, he got so excited, it was hilarious. In summation, it was a fabulous two day trip with my little family!🙂

I hope you are all taking the time to enjoy your summer with the people that are important to you. All the best!


Ciara x

Violet Embrace

I sat and sipped from my glass

a bittersweet taste of summer

mixed berries and cider

on a bed of ice

to keep me cool inside

to keep the purple and pink liquids cool

while the dance and mingle

in my glass

the ice cracks and jingles

and I am met with tingles

as i embrace the very same colors

in the summer sky

as the sun sets

before my eyes.


**Thank you for reading. This poem was inspired by my partner and I who love to lounge in the sun on our porch balcony with an ice cold beverage and watch the sun set in the evenings. I wish you all the very best summer, thanks for stopping by!

porch lounging

Image: Stephen and I lounging on the Porch watching the sun set over the Clare hills❤ xx

Family Trip To Killarney

My partner and I spent three beautiful days in Killarney with his sister Louise, her Husband Fergus and their parents Ann and John who so kindly organised the entire trip as a treat for the whole family. We had an amazing time!

The weather was that of a tropical Country the entire weekend, the views we saw were absolutely breath-taking, we did so much walking, stopped off in the town as-well and went to a local pub one eve for a drink and a dance. It was a truly magical weekend.

While I snapped up an entire album worth of photos in this post are just a select few. Among the places we visited were Ross Castle, Aghadoe Heights, Muckross House and Gardens, Torc Waterfall, Killarney Town and Ladies View. I honestly cannot recommend visiting here at least once in your lifetime enough!! I have been here several times now and it still takes my breath away!❤❤